De-Cal Mechanical Contractors WaterWorks Group has vast experience with the construction and rehabilitation of water and wastewater treatment facilities. Our highly talented team is very familiar with the specialized products and stringent performance and reliability requirements particular to the water and wastewater industry.

Wastewater Treatment Contractor Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI Waste Water Treatment Plant:
Residuals Handling Improvements Project ($18,500,000)

De-Cal Mechanical Contractors performed all of the mechanical scope of this improvement project that will provide the City with up-to-date residuals handling facilities.

The scope of work included:

  • Demolition of existing equipment including dewatering plate and frame presses and biosolids incinerator
  • Installation of centrifuges for biosolids dewatering and gravity belt thickeners to separately thicken secondary biosolids
  • Rehabilitation of an existing gravity thickener for thickening primary biosolids and conversion of two existing gravity thickeners to covered tanks for blending thickened primary and secondary biosolids
  • Rehabilitation and modification of the Solids Handling Building to accommodate new equipment, meet current building code requirements and to install a building addition for loading trucks with processed biosolids and receiving chemical deliveries
  • Installation of a new boiler to service all facilities within the WWTP
  • Installation of odor control equipment to reduce WWTP staff exposure and off-site nuisance odors from residuals handling equipment and facilities

Detroit, MI Detroit Water and Sewerage Department:
Oakwood Combined Sewage Overflow and Pump Station Project ($38,500,000)

This new facility was completed in 2012 replacing an existing pumping station and will provide an increased level of service for the district to help alleviate flooding in the upstream area. Located on the lower portion of the Rouge River in Detroit, the 9 million gallon basin is designed to provide CSO treatment through storage plus fine screening and disinfection. De-Cal Mechanical Contractors completed the mechanical work including a major influent pumping station with capacity to pump 1,800 cubic feet per second (cfs), odor control and flushing gates.

Water Treatment Contractor Michigan

PC-735 Detroit Water and Sewerage Department Chlorination Facility

A new facility and systems to unload liquid chlorine, evaporate to a gaseous state, and inject into a solution for distribution to the sewage plant final effluent. Involves installation of high pressure liquid chlorine and compressed air piping, ductile iron rubber lined chlorine solution piping, hot water boilers and evaporators, chlorinators and injectors, air scrubber, site process piping, HVAC and plumbing systems.

Springwells Water Treatment Plant

Replacement of (42) filter cells, diffusers, underdrain, and media used to refine drinking water for the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department. Installation of rotary agitators in (68) cells and skimmer water supply piping. Replacement of large diameter butterfly valves (36"), rate of flow controllers, and hydraulic actuators for all (68) cells.

Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehab (2003-2006) $23.4 Mill

De-Cal Mechanical Contractors was the major mechanical contractor for the rehabilitation of the largest single-site WWTP in the United States. Included rehab of Scum Concentration Facility, (4) Aeration Basins, (2) Intermediate Lift Pumps, Pump Sta. No. 1, Sludge Handling, Polymer and Pickle Liquor, Incinerator, Oxygen Plant and Administration Blg.

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